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What does a Ferrari, unicorn and fun workplace have in common?

A red Ferrari, unlimited money, unicorns, leprechauns and an enjoyable and fun workplace. You may be sitting there reading this wondering what all of these things have in common? Well to put it quite simply they are all things that we want, things that we strive for, but in the end are things that are unrealistic dreams. Until now!

Unfortunately unicorns and leprechauns are still unrealistic, but the concept of an enjoyable and fun workplace is not. Company’s across the world are introducing employee perks that would not have been heard of merely 20 years ago. This introduction of perks will not necessarily increase employee engagement or loyalty, but it sure does make employees from other company’s envious.

Below I have listed some of my favourite perks as reported by Fiona Smith from BRW:

Free Fridays: People at the World Wildlife Fund headquarters located in Washington, DC get every second Friday off.

Go Home: At the Boston Consulting Group, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, a red zone report is created when someone spends too many hours at work. New employees can delay their start date by six months, and receive $10,000 to volunteer at a nonprofit.

Fridays are meeting-free: The Principal Financial Group, in the US, has a policy of only scheduling meetings on Fridays if absolutely necessary.

These really got me thinking though about ways that we can improve the culture within our firm. What is it that would make our office more fun and more enjoyable for our staff? We will be working on a few concepts over the coming months and hopefully implementing some cool ideas very soon.

Is there anything that you could do to make your workplace more fun and more enjoyable? I mean Google has a slide, can you top that?


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